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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

                             KING LIAR 

Janapriya nayakan Dileep as Raja Nunayan / sathyanarayanan


Madonna Sebastian as Anjali

 Lal  as Anand varma

Asha Sarath  as Devika varma

Production  :     Ousepachan Valakuzhy

Direction     :     Lal

Story           :     Siddique

Screenplay  :     Siddique- Lal

Music          :     Alex Paul

BGM            :     Deepak Dev

Editing        :     Ratheesh Raj

Distribution :    Grand Production
Cinematography : Alby



Since mine is a bit late review please let me skip the plot.Siddique-lal one of the most performed pair of 1990's reuniting after 21 years. That prompted me to have a peek on this one. I really doubt if this one had any involvement from the duo except the last 15 minutes, from what i have seen in Honey Bee i am forced to infer that Lal Jr must have been a Ghost director of this movie.In fact his involvement (As i feel) is the only saving factor for this mediocre plot.
Siddique-Lal always had a uncomplicated story without much deep characters nor loose stems.This time they had a poor story executed a mediocre style. Comedy was good , thanks to the excellent timings of Balu varghese and Dileep. Dileep is the only actor in mollywood who started with the tom and jerry type comic roles and still finds success only in such roles. The reason is simple the audience loves him a lot and they love him doing such funny act even though many a times it goes unendurable. Dileep is around 50 now but he looks half his age in the movie. Neatly dressed , well trimmed and well presented.The saving grace of the movie is the excellent combo of Dileep and balu but a deterrence from the poor story line was always evident.Asha sarath perfomed well as Devika varma but frankly speaking im fed up of watching her in such roles.There is a scene where she fires bullets at Dileep in her office.A scene that might tempt you to leave the cinema at once.Its 2016 and still siddique lal used  such poor ideas which irks the audience. A change in the cast for such bold roles is inevitable. Lal as usual had a cool look with hard dialogues delivered at its perfection.Usually dileep movies are expected to have good songs but here i could not find any. Editing was good and cinematography was top notch.
The story line in the latter half moves on to a beauty contest held at the arab state where Anjali portrayed by Madonna sebastian is countered by Natasha Suri for the beauty pageant title.Madonna sebastian was a perfect miscast for the movie.She could not perform nor match natasha suri nor any models showcased in the contest.Her expressions nor beauty justifies her selection for the role. Though it might have been a bit costly samantha/ Kajjal Aggarwal or even Vedhika/mamta would have been an apt choice.It was mesmerizing to see natasha suri perform in ramp and she looked damn hot.

The movie had certain good instances and more of bad ones.Dileep - madonna combo failed to deliver completely.Dileep has worked with many a kind of heroines in the past and madonna was the worst among those. The cute celin whom we adored in Premam was lost but a new anjali who could not adapt to her character was blended out. To perform in a ramp its always good to have a model who has had enough exposure so that the audience doesn't feel awkward. Over all the movie has nothing new to offer but can give a worst nightmare if compared to old siddique - Lal movie.

Verdict : Partly watchable

Rating :2.5/5

Theatre Verdict : Super Hit

Audience response : Poor ....a couple of boos could be heard when madonna entered the ramp.

Thursday, April 14, 2016




Vijay  As DCP Vijay Kumar / Joseph Kuruvilla

Amy Jackson as Annie

Samantha Prabhu As Dr.Mithra

Baby Nainika as Nivi

The review:

The movie begins with Joseph Kuruvilla (Vijay) his daughter and Rajendran his employee and their life.Well i must say the first half was quite adorable with cute amy jackson in her new avatar as malayalee teacher.She looks fabulous in her new outfit. The songs were in effective and boring . Editing was not crisp but the director knew what audience wanted in the pre interval sequence. Vijay looked handsome but confident , powerful police by his sharp dressing as an IPS officer. Samantha re-iterated various emotions and sequences from her last outing "10 endrukulle" still she was good. Radhika was a surprise element of fun and she did just a great work.Atlee has dug up certain real life incidents from the past and induced it well into the movie.It was a pleasant experience watching how the culprits should have been punished. Meena's daughter looked cute and dialogue delivery was impressive.

I would rate first half 4/5.
Very Good

Now to the post interval portion......

The movie drags a bit here...especially the sequence where vijay meets samantha along with her family...a totally irritating scene and weird dialogues and itchy emotions in his face.later we come to know that Atlee had built the sequence for something else. A totally predictable story line...weak villain but powerful with his performance countered by the super cop. Second half is watchable if you ought to be a vijay fan for others second half should not be that comfortable except the last 20 minutes.

Second half i would rate 2.5/5


Whats missing :

>> Amy - vijay combo...they neither had much dialogues nor song. Atlee concentrated too much on samantha and left out the romantic portions of amy - vijay combo. Amy looks nice a greater screen space should have been better.
>> Dearth of good songs and dance.

Over all its an commendable product from atlee who did good home work on vijay but failed to do on his recent films. The movie had all the ingredients to be vijays top grosser ever but redundant songs/ sequences might prove to be a hindrance.

Theatre verdict : HIT/SUPER HIT/BLOCK BUSTER ???

Sunday, March 1, 2015




Director: Deepu Karunakaran
Producer: Milan Jaleel
Production House: Galaxy Films
Music: Rahul Raj
Cinematography: Sinoj Velayudhan
Editing: V Saajan
Art Direction: Boban
Costume Design: Velayudhan Keezhillam

Cast :

Mammooty as Fireman Vijay 

Nyla Usha  as Sherin Thomas IPS 

Unni Mukundan as Shajahan 

Siddique as comrade Iqbal 

Salim Kumar as ???? 



The story revolves around a tanker accident that occurs in a major city in kerala .Salim kumar portrays the role of a father whose child is missing from the city , he vigorously searches for her and approaches the police station but he is ignored , misbehaved and further he is assaulted by one  of  the  police constables. Salim kumar  gets out of his mind and drives his car  rash and takes a narrow turn to avoid collision with an LPG tanker leading to tanker crashing in and the tank falling on from the trailer. The fire force is called upon to manage the situation but a dumb act from one of the police men leads to explosion there bykilling many of the firemen. Fireman Vijay now comes in and takes control of the situation and the rest of the story tells us how he manages to avoid any further disasters . Nyla usha as Sherin Thomas IPS the commissioner of police takes charge of the situation and provides hand full support to Vijay. Later it is revealed that it was not an accident but the tanker was intentionally pulled down and the million dollar question is how Vijay and team finds the culprit without letting them to burst another round.




Its been a long time since mammooty the so called Megastar of Malayalam Cinema gave us a thrilling commercial entertainer worth reviewing. Though he had mad several void attempts in near past , this one was a partial success. The movie directed by Deepu Karunakaran whose previous ventures was Crazy Gopalan said to be a slapstick comedy that could not make an impression among the viewers. His next project was much delayed winter and the last one being the Theja bhai and family which tested the viewers tolerance of vulgar comedy and one liners which lost the target. But this time he has come up with a promising concept , another film adopting the theme of traffic, Friday , Passenger etc but here the situation is realistic and more complex. The graphics and VFX used were childish and will not be able to convince the 21 st century youth , but yes the budget is a concern. Mammooty as Vijay is the soul of the movie but as expected he delivers some heroism out of the limit of a fireman again troubling the audience who wants an ordinary megastar. Still the director managed to keep any action scenes away from the hero which was an appreciable effort. Unni mukundan has nothing much to deliver as he is completely wasted as a side kick to the hero. Nyla Usha the gorgeous IPS officer delivered a cool and stylish view for the audience. I don’t think anybody would hve noticed her performance but her looks. Siddique was a surprising element who within his short screen space and domain out performed the main cast with his natural ambience and elevation to a mature character. Though the movie has enough loop holes to be punched out of the theatres within a week , it has its thrilling moments too. If you need a glimpse of what mammooty was in 90’s just go and have a watch . Don’t expect an Jospeh Alexander IAS or any other firebrand character from shaji Kailas movies but a shadow of that would satisfy you a bit.







































Trisha Krishnan as Hemanika 


















Anushka Shetty as  Thenmozhi


















Arun Vijay as Victor Manohar 










Vivek as Revolver Richard


















Parvathy Menon as Lisa 









 The movie begins with Sathya Dev IPS in an undercover operation in jail. He befriends Victor ( Arun Vijay) from jail after helping him out against a counter gang. Sathyadev joins victors gang and finally gets them to Hell but victor escapes and feels betrayed. The story moves forward and sathyadev meets Hemanika a single mother (Trisha Krishnan) a famous bharatanatyam dancer. Sathyadev comes close to her and her child and finally their marriage gets arranged but destiny had some thing else for the hardcore cop. Hemanika is brutally killed the night before their wedding. Sathyadev adopts her daughter as his and they move out of Tamil nadu and he resigns from Police force.
The rest of the story shows how sathyadev gets back to Tamil nadu and he finds victor back in action and now its Victor for Tenmozhi but Sathyadev wont let so. The second half now shows how Sathyadev overcomes Victor and how he gets and end to the nasty organ trade in chennai.


 Thala Movies had always been a celebration for south India especially when he comes along with Gautam menon the monarch of Realistic cop movies .Thala accompanied by beautiful talented Trisha and pretty Anushka raises hope to the peak.Well let me remind you something Vettayadu vilayadu was released in 2006 where the Ultimate acting legend Kamal hassan potrayed us the role of a matured cop. Yennai arinthal would form another Vettayadu Vilayadu in a different style but with less substance , yes who can compare Ulaganayakan with some one else.
The movie was presented in a very stylish way suiting the image of handsome Ajith but the most surprising element for me was Anushaka Shetty who always used to rock in her movies with her sexy looks and dance was completely boring . On the other hand Trisha Krishnan who had limited screen presence mesmerized the audience in each frame. Trisha left her imprint on the whole movie vide her performance.Action sequences was pretty good and here as usual in Gautam menon movies the villain is as powerful as the hero.Its time for gautam menon to change his same pattern of portraying the hero and his family. The hero's wife is killed by the villain and he gets villain at last, we are tired of it. I would request gautam to let heroine live with hero at least in his next cop movie. Arun vijay as Victor did complete justice to his character. I loved to watch the villain rather than the hero because of his loud screen presence and mass appearance.
The movie will not be breaking any records for which i can bet.An ordinary gautam menon with Stylish Ajith Kumar would be Hit nothing more than that can be expected.

One Liner _ " May not be treat for thala fans but its a treat for serious movie lovers "